White Towels

Alfa-Omega is one of the leading Suppliers and exporters of White Towels and other terry accessories in Pakistan. Our White Towels are known for their absorbency, shine and softness. Alfa-Omega effectively and efficiently supplies White Towels ranging from high to low to fit specific customer needs.

Meeting all international standards, we offer White Towels per our extensive range and customised weight sizes as per customer needs meeting their exact requirements. Choose from a range of our packaging types for White Towels, or send us your own. Alfa-Omega offers standard packing in a plain poly bag and then poly bag in cartons and customised packing according to the customer’s given style. We believe those who work hard deserve the best!

Manufacturing Associates of Alfa-Omega uses top-quality yarn for White Towels that enhance comfort and add style by manufacturing a Towel that always looks and feels right.  Our White Towels are designed for maximum comfort and absorbency.

Comprising different colours, weights and textures, they can be used for a spa, bath, shower or pool, making it the perfect modern-day drying product. From institutional to home use, we make all types of White Towels. White Towels from Alfa-Omega will bring new life to your area. Select from our range what fits your style and taste, or send us your designs, and we will prepare the same White Towels for you. Complete the look of your bathroom with our rich and soft White Towels.

Manufacturing Associates of Alfa-Omega manufactures high-quality White Towels in different weights and designs and offers to meet your specifications and complement your bathroom decor. We have all In-House Production facilities and are well equipped with Modern Machinery which is upgraded from time to time. They constantly develop new ideas & designs as per changing Market trends.

Extraordinary people have been engaged in this, and Modern ways, including Computer aided designs, are adopted. They have the highest standards for maintaining quality, starting from the purchase of Yarn to Finished Towels & this is being managed & operated by professionals & skilled labour. The Yarn is procured from Mills producing high-quality yarn made from superior cotton.

Weaving is constantly monitored to ensure quality, sizes, weights, reeds/picks & designs are strictly per Customer needs. A unique Dyeing/Bleaching process is adopted to ensure colours are bright and a high level of softness & absorbency is achieved. High-quality Chemicals & Dyes are being used. Finishing & Tumbling processes are applied on White Towels to achieve a smooth & volume finish. After Dyeing, an Inspection of White Towels is conducted to ensure colour matching, softness & hand feel meet Order requirements.

Cutting, Sewing & confection is being done on the latest Machines in line with International Standards. The final Inspection of White Towels is being done two times in separate departments & by different personnel to ensure the highest Grading levels. 2nd & ‘B’ quality goods are separated, and only ‘A’ grades with excellent quality standards are shipped to the Customers.

Manufacturing Associates are manufacturing and exporting all kinds of Terry Fabric, White Towels, Bathrobes and Bathmat and have good knowledge & command to provide the best quality of Textile Products with our speciality in the White Towels sector. We can offer a range of Open End, Ring spun & Combed yarn reactive dyed & tumble-dried finish best quality, super soft & extra absorbent Towels with ultra-rich piles in various sizes.

These top-quality Towels are produced in multiple elegant plain colours, strips, dobby & jacquard quality. Manufacturing Associates of Alfa-Omega has a unique combination of both shuttles less & auto looms of dobby & jacquard. Our weaving unit is capable of weaving towels from 300 to 1200 GSM. The dyeing unit consists of state-of-the-art machines.

Manufacturing Associates of Alfa-Omega is currently managing the company with the help of well-trained staff and in-house production facilities. Moreover, we are very strict on quality and commitment as we consider it our principal capital of the business. Hence, one can trust our business principle undoubtedly.

We are exporting our quality White Towels worldwide to tens of satisfied customers. Over the years our Company has earned an outstanding reputation in overseas market as a reliable supplier of White Towels. Superbly soft, plush and highly absorbent. Our White Towels coordinate perfectly with the hotel and retail range of bathroom items. Softness and great touch are what make you enjoy a towel best. The variety of White Towels offered in particular order includes a wide selection of border designs, weights, feel and look.

We offer super soft and superbly absorbent White Towels. The Towel construction helps withstand daily wear and tear, prolonging our White Towels’ life. White Towels Can be made using different qualities of yarn like Ring spun, Open End, Combed Cotton, Zero Twist, Egyptian Cotton, Auto Coro and Pima. It can be made in different GSM, colours, sizes, border styles, packing and with a variety of specifications as per customer requirements.