Hospital Bedsheets

Give your ultimate patient care with our selection of hospital bed sheets and pillowcases. Made to fit the unique shapes and sizes of hospital beds, these sheets provide a perfect place for comfort and rest. And with a wide selection of bed linens in every size and function, we offer products for every customer’s specific need. Please browse through our fitted bottom sheets, top sheets, pillowcases and other hospital bed supplies to keep your mattress of top quality. Our fitted sheets for hospital beds come in sizes that can accommodate any standard hospital bed. While we offer traditional white hospital bedding, add a splash of colour with our vibrant bedding sets. Our hospital sheets are designed with the patient in mind.

We supply Hospital Bed Sheets, Fitted Bed Sheets, Hospital Logo Printed Bed Sheets, Hospital Bed Sheets with Yarn Dyed Threads / Yarn Dyed Stripe, Thermal Blankets, Towels & Terry Products, Garments for Doctors, Patients, Nurses, and Operation Theatre Products, all produced with Pre-shrinkage, anti-infection, anti-bacterial treatments. All products are strictly produced by rules and standards specified by W.H.O.

We supply hospital bed sheets; hospital fitted sheets in different qualities and constructions woven on Power Looms, Auto Looms, Sulzer Looms and Air Jet Looms.

100 % COTTON

  • 60×60 16×16
  • 60×60 20×16
  • 60×60 20×20
  • 60×60 22×22
  • 60×60 24×24
  • 60×50 24×24
  • 68×62 24×24
  • 68×68 30×30
  • 76×68 30×30
  • 76×56 30×30
  • 100×80 40×40
  • 120×80 40×40