Alfa-Omega is a leading Supplier and Exporter of Curtains and made-ups. If you are looking for reliable Textile Suppliers and Exporters of Curtains, we are here to serve you as per your expectations and demands. Alfa-Omega ensures all production aspects as quality weaving, fine dyeing, best fabrics & stitching by ensuring and meeting the most stringent international quality manufacturing standards.

We aim to provide superior quality Curtains to our customers by adhering to the policies of employing efficient people to achieve better quality management. An independent process of planning and development is carried on from the very inception on an ongoing basis aiming at diversification of our activities into other segments of textile trading.

Our ultimate objective is to meet the diversified requirements of global textile buyers and importers and to serve them from a single contact point for their total textile procurements from Pakistan.

Our manufacturing Associates are managed by a highly qualified and competent team of professionals equipped with sound textile knowledge, skills, and vision to face the challenge of managing in the complex work environment of the 21st century.

Our work philosophy is based on the simple fact of always ensuring the best quality, strictly in-time shipments, efficient feedback, highly personalized services, and the most competitive prices.

Modern-day products, specially Curtains need to be stitched at the highest quality level. They give great importance to the confection of textile products as it is really important both for durability as well as the look of items. Our manufacturing Associates are equipped with modern automatic Stitching Machines for Curtains & Garments.

All kinds of stitching machines are available. Our manufacturing Associates can do various kinds of stitching functions such as Hem Stitch, Pin-tuck, etc. Packaging is extremely important to generate higher profits for our buyers and enhance their sales and turnovers, hence benefiting from increased orders.

Our manufacturing Associates are well known for better presentation skills of final products of every kind such as: –

  • Pack ready Curtains in the best possible ways keeping in mind the instructions of our valued customers and ensuring uniform standards of such sample packing all over the shipment.
  • Stitching facilities are capable of stitching about 3000 Curtains per day.
  • Specialized in producing fully embellished & customized Curtains for retail and chain store customers.
  • Deal in Printed, Dyed & White Curtains, reversible or simple, are made with Poly Cotton or Cotton Fabric in dyed or printed style with Piping in any design.
  • Believe that Quality is an evolving process, not a fixed standard.
  • Are the best in that they not only check the quality of the finished Curtains but also have an extensive system of in-house quality and process control.
  • Fulfill environmental, social, and security requirements at all levels of our management systems.
  • Ensure quality by the intelligent use of the most up-to-date technology including modem machinery and the best available dyes & chemicals.
  • Have experienced technicians in the QC department.
  • Have a highly professional QC team for quality assurance from cut to pack after QC passed goods are shipped.
  • Having a fully equipped modern lab for complete testing through the yarn-to-end process ensures the quality parameters at every step of production and makes sure; the production will be running up to the standards and desired requirements of our customer. Lab covered all production areas.
  • Offer a complete range of Curtains in prints and solids (dyed) for good, better & best solutions.
  • The range of fabrics starts from T-128 to T-300 thread counts in cotton, poly-cotton 52:48 / 65:35, and CVC.
  • Supply Curtains of different qualities and constructions woven on Power Looms, Auto Looms, Sulzer Looms, and Air Jet Looms.
  • Offer a range of decorative curtains in different fabrication, including embroidery, stitching, hand embroidery, and trims. Interesting fabric choices are endless, including woven jacquards and dobies in 100% cotton & poly cotton.
  • Some of our running qualities in Curtains are; –
  • Curtains 60×60 16×16
  • Curtains 60×60 20×16
  • Curtains 60×60 20×20
  • Curtains 60×60 22×22
  • Curtains 60×60 24×24
  • Curtains 60×50 24×24
  • Curtains 68×68 30×30
  • Curtains 76×68 30×30
  • Curtains 100×80 40×40
  • Curtains 120×80 40×40
  • Curtains 133×72 40×40
  • Curtains 110×76 45×45
  • Curtains 127×79 40×40
  • Curtains 140×100 40×40 
  • Curtains 76×56 35×35
  • Curtains 76×44 35×150D
  • Curtains 76×52 35×150D
  • Curtains 76×54 35×150D
  • Curtains 68×42 30×150D
  • Curtains 76×52 30×150D
  • Curtains 76×56 30×30
  • Curtains 40×42 20×10
  • Curtains 40×36 24×10
  • Curtains 96×48 16×12
  • Curtains 108×58 16×12
  • Curtains 108×58 20×20
  • Curtains 94×60 20×20
  • Curtains 128×60 20×16