Dyed Fabric

Manufacturing associate of Alfa-Omega  Pakistan produces a mind-blowing variety of colours and patterns in Plain Dyed Fabrics in keeping with the changing fashion trends, designer demands and specific market needs. The main range of plain dyed fabrics and materials reflects vibrancy and opulence that emerges from our desire to create something unique that is unparalleled and unmatched anywhere in the world.

We efficiently deliver high-quality plain-dyed fabrics at a competitive price. Our main priority has always been to provide our customers with top-quality dyed fabric at competitive prices and the best customer service. With help from our experienced staff, we ensure that every customer receives the attention they may need from beginning to end, regardless of the order size.

Buyers purchase dyed fabric for countless reasons like colour, feel, and look, but Alfa-Omega realises it is crucial to match the fabric to the intended end use and customer. And while stylish fabrics are often in demand, natural fabrics and the primary colour palette, including black & white, are still the workhorse of the wholesale textile industry.

Knowledge and practical experience are essential when buyers need dyed fabrics.  Knowing the critical variables and demands of the end product can make the difference in a satisfied customer or not.  Alfa-Omega can help you sort through all these variables to find the suitable dyed fabric for end use; casual trial and error can be expensive and unnecessary when working with dyed fabric.

Manufacturing associate of Alfa-Omega engaged with modern dye plants domestically. Understanding the capabilities of these dye plants and having long-standing relationships is vital to sourcing suitable materials in terms of quality and economic value.

All greige fabrics can be dyed, but not all fabric qualities are worth the time & expense of further processing. Better quality yarns & modern weaving are the starting point for quality fabrics.

In general, the dyeing process involves three key steps: fabric preparation, dyeing and finishing. Fabric preparation ready’s the fabric for the particular dyes that are about to be used. Prepping materials can involve several steps, such as scouring, desi zing, mercerising, bleaching & washing.

Different dye processes offer the customer advantages and disadvantages, which is why Alfa-Omega prides itself on asking the right questions. For example, is the fabric going to be used indoors or outdoors, how often will it be washed and how will it be washed, what type of colour retention or colour fastness is the customer looking for and so on.

These questions will help to determine the type of dye process. The most frequently used dye processes include, but are not limited to, Direct Dyes, Disperse Dyes, Fiber Reactive Dyes, Jigger Dyes, Pigment Dyes, Sulfur Dyes and Vat Dyes. Some of our running qualities in Dyed Fabrics are;

  • Dyed Fabric 60×60 16×16
  • Dyed Fabric 60×60 20×16
  • Dyed Fabric 60×60 20×20
  • Dyed Fabric 60×60 22×22
  • Dyed Fabric 60×60 24×24
  • Dyed Fabric 60×50 24×24
  • Dyed Fabric 68×68 30×30
  • Dyed Fabric 76×68 30×30
  • Dyed Fabric 100×80 40×40
  • Dyed Fabric 120×80 40×40
  • Dyed Fabric 133×72 40×40
  • Dyed Fabric 110×76 45×45
  • Dyed Fabric 127×79 40×40
  • Dyed Fabric 140×100 40×40 
  • Dyed Fabric 76×56 35×35
  • Dyed Fabric 76×44 35×150D
  • Dyed Fabric 76×52 35×150D
  • Dyed Fabric 76×54 35×150D
  • Dyed Fabric 68×42 30×150D
  • Dyed Fabric 76×52 30×150D
  •   Dyed Fabric 76×56 30×30
  • Dyed Fabric 40×42 20×10
  • Dyed Fabric 40×36 24×10
  • Dyed Fabric 96×48 16×12
  • Dyed Fabric 108×58 16×12
  • Dyed Fabric 108×58 20×20
  • Dyed Fabric 94×60 20×20
  • Dyed Fabric 128×60 20×16