Doctors Gowns

Hospitals have a significant staff working through the premises round the clock. Keeping them in mind, we have fabricated a range of Staff Uniforms. This particular kind of uniform completely syncs with the whole hospital’s consistent theme and other things.

We ensure that the cloth inscribed in making these uniforms is good quality and easily washable. Also, what we keep in mind is the comfort level they should provide, along with the easy and free-flowing design that is decent enough. Using different blends of woven fabric, we produce a vast range of Hospital Uniform items such as patient gowns and scrub suits. These are available in different colours and designs. We offer a flexible blend in twill or plain weave. From nurses to physicians, we cover them all! Keeping its primary purpose in mind, Alfa Omega supplies both basic and fashionable Medical Clothing in various fabrics ranging from woven to non-woven, developed with care and offered in colours from white/pastel to medium/dark with an option of printing if so, required by the customer. We offer comfort and style without sacrificing the necessary functionality to do your job. We offer the finest in-patient apparel, including: 

  • Hospital gowns, pyjamas, robes;
  • Other children’s sleepwear; and
  • A collection of speciality styles designed “For Women Only”.

Mix and match hospital gowns and pyjamas styles to create the perfect look and feel for your patients.

Health Wear patient gowns are custom-made and colour-coded. This sets Health Wear apart from all other dresses being offered today.

  • BACK TIE GOWN (Royal Blue) – This gown opens from the back. The gown sweep is the most generous and guarantees a patient’s comfort and coverage.
  • SIDE TIE GOWN (Teal) – Many Radiology Facilities find this gown extremely useful and functional.
  • WAIST LENGTH GOWN (Tan) – This gown opens in the front and covers from neck to waist. This is a perfect gown for patients with respiratory issues who needs chest x –rays and mammography.
  • 5XL MAGNA GOWN (Burgundy) – A gown that seems to fit anyone.
  • IV SNAP GOWN (Ceil Blue) – Ideal for Surgical Centers and Infusion Facilities.
  • PEDIATRIC GOWN (Fish Print) – Fits children from 4-8yrs of age.
  • ADOLESCENT GOWN (Star Print) – Fits children from 9-13yrs of age.