Twill Fabric

Alfa-Omega is one of the leading suppliers and exporters of cotton and polyester cotton twill fabric. Twill fabric is a type of fabric that is woven with a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs. By bypassing the weft threads over one warp thread and, consequently, under two or more warp threads, the twill fabric will be created.

Hence, twill fabrics are generally heavier and wrinkle-resistant. When compared to plain fabrics, twill fabrics provide a more flexible drape. Therefore, it has become the choice of millions of people nowadays.

We provide a vast collection of twill fabrics according to the market, trends, and demand. We feel it is capable of satisfying any requirement. Twill weave is categorised based on parallel diagonal ribs formed left to right and right to left. It is created by interweaving 2 or 3 warp threads over 1 or 2 filling threads in an alternative way. It gives absolute flexibility compared to plain weave. We can divide twill weave into two categories. They are warp-faced and weft-faced.

We offer high-quality twill fabric at the best possible price, and our products are made of the best quality resources. We provide cotton twill fabrics in the below construction:


  • 96×48 16×12
  • 108×58 16×12
  • 108×58 20×20
  • 94×60 20×20
  • 128×60 20×16